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BALUG is the Bay Area Linux Users Group.
We generally meet monthly in San Francisco (generally in the Chinatown area, near downtown). We also operate several mailing lists.

BALUG meetings

BALUG generally meets the third Tuesday of each month. We talk about Linux and related topics, and we generally share large portions of Chinese food.

We typically have a speaker/presentation for our meetings (generally starting around the tail end of dinner or immediately following dinner). In any case, with or without a speaker/presentation arranged and scheduled, our meetings include good people, interesting conversations, and good food at a relatively bargain price. And if we haven't announced/posted a speaker/presentation, don't let that fool you - sometimes we manage to score an excellent speaker/presentation (e.g. at the last minute) without our having managed to get it posted onto the web site and an announcement sent out in advance.

Please RSVP if you're planning to attend.
Meeting kicks off at 6:30 P.M. - we start near the restaurant's bar for meet and greet and chat and such, then move to our restaurant seating around 7:00 P.M. for dinner - $13.00* USD per person for dinner (meeting itself is free) - please arrive before 7:00 P.M. if you want to be assured of being able to join us for dinner.

We generally meet at:
Four Seas Restaurant (directions)
731 Grant Ave. (between Clay and Sacramento)
San Francisco, CA 94108-2113
1-415-989-8188 (restaurant number)


Please RSVP if you're planning to attend. To do so please e-mail us a note at
indicating meeting date. If you'll be bringing additional guest(s) please let us know total number of folks you're RSVPing for. Also please let us know any special requirements or concerns you may have (e.g. if you have any particular dietary considerations, so that we might possibly be able to accommodate you, or if you won't be joining our typical family/buffet style dining arrangement but do wish to otherwise join our meeting).

*for your gift of $13.00 USD cash, we give you a gift of joining us for a delicious family-style Chinese dinner - tax and tip included. Your gift also helps in our patronizing our meeting venue.

Next meetings:

Be sure to note future meetings on your calendar:

BALUG Mailing Lists

BALUG Mailing Lists:

Note that all of the above lists are publicly archived - so one can search them and/or get an idea of traffic volume, what lists one may be most interested in, etc. Note that most of the lists can also be subscribed to as a digest version (e.g. if one wants all the items on the list to be combined into a single mailing when the list (e.g. "talk") might sometimes be very "chatty").


In conjunction with CABAL, we will help you install Linux.
Were you looking for something quite different, but landed here? If you're looking for The San Francisco Bay Area LEGO® Users' Group and Train Club, that's over at:

Volunteering and helping BALUG

We could also always use more volunteers to make BALUG even better! Some of the tasks which could use more volunteers include:

If you're at all interested in helping with any and/or all of the above, please contact BALUG contact.

Need to contact BALUG?: BALUG contact
Interested in speaking at BALUG or know a good speaker/presenter for BALUG? contact speaker coordinators. If one will be speaking or is considering speaking at BALUG, see also: Speaker-Presenter Information and REsources (SPIRE)
Web questions/issues? contact balug-webmaster